Risk Management

Corporate Security Strategy and Planning

We believe that risk management must be based on principles determined at the highest levels within an organisation, delivered through strategic planning and aligned with growth development strategies before implementation through systematic program activities as required by an organisation. At Custodia our staff work with relentless focus on our clients principles, strategy and programs in order to manage risk, including profiling the risk landscape, understanding clients operations and producing programs that include development, assurance and verification of Security Policy, Management System Structures, and personalised cost effective and practical security risk mitigation strategies.

Risk Management

Custodia provides unparalleled experience when delivering risk controls and mitigation measures based on organisational risk registers developed and updated as required by our clients. Hierarchy of risk management is utilised when we deliver control and mitigation measures providing the safest options possible and our processes incorporate the identification of risks, assessment of risks, and response to risks and risk monitoring and review. Processes include

  • Identifying and assessing risks with specific tangible outcomes, including the selection of tools for evaluating hazards and assessing related risks
  • Systematic application of risk control and mitigation measures, communicated to our clients using Causal and Consequence methods simplifying complex situations and environments
  • Periodic monitoring, review and endorsement as part of risk management supported by defined assurance activities

We provide:

  • Policy and procedures development
  • Crisis management training and workshops
  • Evaluation and development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), emergency and evacuation plans.

Legal, Investigations and Training

Custodia Solutions consultants have undertaken complex Africa-based and international investigations, provided targeted legal counsel, and delivered multiple trainings on fraud, money laundering and corruption to our broad client base.

Assurance and Audit

Custodia can provide Safety and Security assurance and audit services based on industry standards, organisational policy, and legislative requirements and identified risk to an organisation in a continuous effort to ensure safe, compliant and reliable operations by providing direct insights to our clients. This service delivers:

  • Evaluate of the effectiveness of control and mitigation measures to industry standards, organisational policy, legislative and risks
  • Verification of the design and in place effectiveness at any location globally